Our Core Team

The mhmts curriculum is designed and delivered by a carefully selected team of trainers. They have not only gained invaluable experience in their core vocations but have also developed specialist areas of expertise and acquired additional professional qualifications.

Naomi Landau

Naomi LandauNaomi Landau, Naomi Landau, mhmts founder and Director has over 10 years' experience of managing and developing staff teams. She has a further 20 years' experience, both as a lecturer at the Tavistock Clinic and with mhmts, of delivering training and consulting throughout the UK and overseas. Trained to Masters level in Human Resource Development and at the Tavistock Institute in Group Facilitation and Consultancy Skills, she coordinates the mhmts curriculum and oversees all programmes.

‘It is exactly what we asked for, we couldn't have received a better workshop to improve customer relations.’

Jonathan Wells, Practice Governance Lead, Hertfordshire Partnership Mental Health Trust

‘I spoke to the CEO at the break, and she said it was fantastic - the best training the Trust has ever commissioned. Thank you so much, Naomi.’

Andy Shanks Service Manager, South London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust

Mike Roarty

Mike RoartyMike Roarty, Mike Roarty is our executive and team coach, leadership trainer and consultant.

He has held national strategic responsibility for people development in previous roles. With 15 years of supporting leaders and teams to achieve stronger results through developing solution focused and strength focused approaches, Mike now works regularly on organisational development programmes built around a strengths focused culture.

He has recently co-authored The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership (FT Publishing, available October 2014). He shows how leaders can develop strengths focused teams. They present a four step model, MORE, which they use to introduce leaders to their tried and tested approach. (See What is Strengths-focused leadership).

Mike's relevant qualifications are:

  • MA in Coaching & NLP (with distinction)
  • Graduate and chartered member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.
  • Member - Association for Coaching
  • Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Trainer of NLP
  • Licensed MBTI assessor
  • Licensed Strengthscope ™ Assessor
  • Licensed Realise 2 Assessor
  • Qualified Counsellor

Mike also has considerable experience in using Myers Briggs psychometric profiling, and in using 360° processes in leadership development programmes. These help leaders develop significant personal and business related goals that have a real impact on the wider business as well as the individual. Mike is also able to use advanced NLP techniques such as 'Breakthrough' to help leaders achieve fast, significant and lasting change.

‘I do believe my coaching sessions have had an extremely positive impact on our business, kept me motivated and driven and by enabling more strategic thinking, helped our business not only survive but to grow considerably during the current recession. I have recommended my coach to associates and will continue to do so.’

Business Development Director, National Training Organisation

‘A knowledgeable, convincing, experienced trainer— truly excellent.’

Maike Neuhaus, Good Neighbour Scheme Organiser, Bedford House Community Centre


Gwen Wright

Gwen WrightGwen Wright is a Barrister who initially trained as a social worker/ASW.  She has several years’ experience as a manager in Health, Social Services and the voluntary sector. Gwen takes a lead in developing all our specialist mental health/legal training.

‘The course (report writing) was fun, not boring as I’d expected…[facilitated] very well – an enjoyable day.’
Julie Render, Service Manager, REAP Resettlement Agency

Brigitte Spreeuwenberg

Brigitte SpreeuwenbergBrigitte Spreeuwenberg is a family therapist, qualified at the Institute of Family Therapy and practising ASW. She now leads the advanced mental health programmes such as working with schizophrenia, self-harm, suicidal behaviour and mood disorders.

‘Excellent trainer – very knowledgeable & experienced, great presence.’
Vicki Stencel, Dominion Housing Group

Mona Hayat

Mona HayatMona Hayat is a BACP accredited counsellor and qualified (MSc) supervisor, having worked as a senior manager in the substance misuse field. She leads on our management/supervision, diversity and communication training, having worked as an mhmts Principal Trainer since 1998. She is a Joint Commissioning Officer for a large Health and Social Care agency.

'Mona was excellent, interesting and very captivating. Ten out of ten!’
GIbbitson, HSW, Kirklees Council

Debbie Howitt

Debbie HowittDebbie Howitt, is a mental health researcher, whose background in the voluntary sector is in both the mental health and learning disabilities field. Her recent MSc in Mental Health Studies involved researching tribal attitudes to mental health in Madagascar. Her passion is for service users rights which informs all her training with mhmts.

'Debbie is a fantastic trainer, really knows her subject and made it interesting. She is very approachable and easy to interact with - what a lovely person!’
Lucy Rogers, Support Officer, Invicta Telecare